Anthology Odyssey

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Freedom to move on!
In haste I departed
But you would not leave
To try and take flight
Fight not to grieve
You went on before
Yet your presence stayed hidden
Alone looking onwards
For what was forbidden
You were always a signal
To keep my feet grounded
Forever a guard
Against fears I founded
A protector at my back
If only I would ask
You forgive what I lack
And I let go of my past
© Copyright R Smith 2015

I remember the first time
When I finally met you
I'd heard about you for far too long
Walking backwards
As I saw you on the horizon
I knew it was where I should belong
If you ask for anything I will do it
'Cause if I ask in your name you will do it
That the Father may be glorified and shown through the Son
If you ask for anything I will do it
I see clearly those moments
When we finally embraced
I'd run from you for such a long time
Pushing forwards
Past the pressures and powers
I knew that your love could be mine
© Copyright R Smith 2015
(Italics based on John 14: 13 - 14)

Field of lights
I was no longer afraid
So I knelt down
In the quiet
And expressed what I thought I could
What I thought...
Your hand lay upon my head
And you crowned me
A lowly servant
It was more than I deserved of you
It was more...
A field of lights grew brighter at my feet
So I sat in your company
With the others
People I met along the road
Along the road...
I was no longer afraid
And your hand lay upon my head
A field of lights grew at my feet
At your feet
Our feet
His feet...
© Copyright R Smith 2015