Anthology Odyssey

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The dust before my empire
I built my empire on solid stone
Yet watched the rain wash through my home
Foundations stood yet all within
Laid to waste my heart, my skin
Exposed and open to the cold
I thought myself, 'I must be bold!'
Pick a valley, walk the dust
The echoes fallen friends – I must
Sometimes it's right to let them go
Set your feet on a brighter glow
Pull your fear, your doubt, the loss
Place them aside and all it cost
Sometimes they never leave
But the heart can still believe
I built my empire on what remains
My family, friends, my love, my gains
Foundations stood on mine and yours
To lay to rest the dust before
© Copyright R Smith 2015

The view from here
The view from here is crystal clear
Though light is quickly fading
Such tones and hues creations choose
Remaining beyond explaining
Across our city vast lights look pretty
Against the glowing dust
So leave the grey brought by today
Save it if you must
Come gather with us if you will
Beneath the stars, a top this hill
Forget the day that ends to soon
And smile upon the moon
Time to leave and night conceive
Until the mornings greeting
Good weather brings us all together
Next time we choose our meeting
© Copyright R Smith 2015