Anthology Odyssey

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Here comes the wolf
Here comes the dawning of the wolf
To make us think we're bullet proof
Dressed head to toe in a sheep skin coat
He steals away our hope and vote
As masses crowd the dusty stations
Tired soles 'neath masked emotions
Sweep the cold beneath their collar
Another day for another dollar
Far away a new sun rises
Bursting through as the still dawn dozes
Yet light never shines through the everlasting fog
New mornings greetings to this devilish dog
I dreamed I woke where the snowflakes fell
Where warm and crackling fires filled with stories to tell
But my eyes instead opened to the industrial zone
Pulling me forth; this place I called home
I fantasized I was one with the fearless
As across the night the beast grew restless
'For now', I thought 'I will return to labour'
Stoking the fire in hopes of a savior
© Copyright R Smith 2015

Hero & sidekick
Position of authority
No longer a liability
Once built out of frailty
Now a major certainty
Leader for society
Only puts his trust in me
Unlike the greater majority
Borne out of harsh slavery
We keep in perfect harmony
Making stronger company
Dr Evil and his Mini-me
A teacher and his prodigy
In closing this creativity
Another will follow thee
Stand and be an entity
Worthy official celebrity
Position of authority
© Copyright R Smith 2005