Anthology Odyssey

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The final march home!
Common intentions
Individually appear uncommon
All striving in power
What dreams are made of
Doubtful becoming hopeful as one
United this single purpose
Etiolate old Lucifer
Diminishing shadows
Brightly shining
Under nights’ blanket
Drawing all through faith
We march under one God
For promises of true freedom
All heavy laden come
One by one
Evil flees
8/5/07 - 7/11/07
© Copyright R Smith 2015

Like crashing waves
Like distance yet devotion
A sense that life is motion
I cannot escape
Though I love the commotion
You come and then go
As if waves filled my memory
The right balance – chemistry
Yet no need to show false sympathy
We both know life goes forward
Though sometimes thoughts lead northward
Sometimes your memory remains
Until we meet...
                        ...Like crashing waves
© Copyright R Smith 2015