Anthology Odyssey

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And then me
Grandma and me went down to the creek
To see where the little ducks go
And under a tree where the sunlight did sneak
The leaves told our feet where to go
Grandpa and me sank down in his seat
We read about all things I could find
Later that night as I fell asleep
Wonders and dreams filled my mind
You and then me walked in our own keep
Working and wandering around
As long blades of grass up the section did creep
Both feet stood firm on the ground
© Copyright R Smith 2005
Written in Canada after seeing Family

On my mind
You are on my mind
And time no longer thinks it knows what my future holds
Not that it ever truly knew before
But I relish this new horizon my eyes find
I slow my pace
Not wanting to assume to much of tomorrow
Catching my breath again
As I see your face
And I cannot help from smiling
There is nothing but the wind in my ears
And the cold damp concrete 'neath my feet
But I am content with this wild world around us
And today seems perfect for wandering
A warm coffee cup mixed with thoughts I find
Time has let me be
If only for a little while
The streets keep racing by me
And you are on my mind
© Copyright R Smith 2015