Anthology Odyssey

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Halcyon and the Hornets
Still and silent citrus evening
Come to tame my cautious musing
Stay and take my fears away
Springtime summer breezes
Buzzing wings and steel thorns
Phobic thoughts amidst my scorn
Dragons hide in decorative subterfuge
Come Halcyon upon calm winds
Rid this place of summer swarms
So once again I now may dream
And fly on fragrant fields of flowers
Under the gaze of an apple tree
As this day’s end is looming
Soon to be departing
Sore away again above
Springtime summer breezes
© Copyright R Smith 2015

Halcyon Days (Daze)
You and Me, meant to be
Immutable, Impossible
Travel the world
Traverse the skies
Trample the ground
Tender the sea
The lands of Greece, A moments peace
Impractical but wonderful
The Earth and I
The cloudless sky
Together destined
For a while
Oh your soul, so beautiful
I see the sparkle in your eyes
Don't forget your valuable
Let your smile fly
My weight in pay, I cannot say
Not important anyway
Sit in a tree
Sing Psalms with me
Salute to the sunset
And the evening sea breeze
© Copyright R Smith 2015